I love to arrange , host and organize Yogaretreats and I always look for new magical places .

Its amazing to be at a yogaretreat. You meet new people connect , take your yoga practice to a deeper level , explore new countries and places . You get time for stillness, quietness, some reflection and for some it turns everything upside down – to the better .

On my yogaretreat it is all about the balance , so yes , we meditate, deepen the yogapractice , digging in to the philosophy, but also enjoy a glass of vine, shopping , afternoon cocktails . That is the balance

I also do private yoga retreats – it means that if you already are a group of 12 you can pick your own dates that suits you the best and book me .

For Thailand that can be all year around and 10 days .

Just send me an email and lets talk about it      / Helena

Yogaretreat 2024 – 2025

 Yogaretreat Thailand March – 24


Yogaretreat Greece

28/5-2/6 2024

Yogaretreat Thailand 28/2-10/3 2025 ( only 2 spots left )

Yoga & Fitness retreat to Thailand 14-24/3 2025

Yogaretreat Thailand 2026 is already in the planning- Stay tuned for the dates .

( 2 persons already signed up )

Pictures from Yogaretreat in Greece – Villa Amfiaro – Kalamos

Pictures from Yogaretreat at Villa Bellamar in Calahonda – Spain

 Thailand – Huay Yang