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have moved on  to an Online studio

and also guest teaching at other studios around in Luxemburg



I also teach yoga for companies , at events , kickoffs .

Using yoga as a tool , practice in management is just fantastic . It opens up doors to much more than you would dream of . Its a fantastic  practice to use in trainings with employees , to empower , to commit, teambuilding.

For management  , yoga helps you to see the bigger picture. to calm down, center yourself , finding the breathe , the inner core. With that everything becomes more clear, and to lead becomes more easy .

As a leader you work many hours ,with a lot of people and doesn’t have enough time to recharge. 

Here is where yoga can help you . 

Meditation, physical yogapractice , relaxation ,breathe work – all in one will ground and center you , gives you strength , stability, flexibility  and balance both in you body and your mind 

Welcome to take the first step .

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